Conservation Medicine: the pursuit of ecological health

Michael Koch, a wildlife veterinarian, described the holistic relationship between conservation biology and wildlife health 1996. He also pointed out that efforts to maintain biological diversity should not "fail to consider people and their social and economic situation". Conservation medicine is a transdisciplinary research area which began to emerge soon after Michael's paper was published, combining the fields of human health, animal health and ecosystem health.

The Royal (Dick) Veterinary School at the University of Edinburgh offers a Masters degree course in the subject , which is delivered via online distance learning.  I took that course part-time between 2012-2015, and it inspired me to think harder about a number of questions. How can we live sustainably? How can our species survive and thrive in the anthropocene? What is the best way to integrate social equity, environmental conservation and economic viability?

The answers to these questions are far from simple, but there are a lot of great minds working on them. This website is an attempt to share thoughts from my (not particularly great) mind. Some of the biggest transformations in history have come about from discoveries which were made by accident.  I live in hope that one day, some of my ramblings might spark something marvellous in someone else.


Koch, M.D. (1996) Wildlife, People and Development: Veterinary contributions to wildlife health and resource management in Africa. Trop. Anim. Hlth. Prod. 28(68-80)

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